Expanding Your Twitter Friends Using Twubble

Your Twitter account is overpopulated and it is really difficult and time consuming to take care of a long list of friends.  But are those people in your friend’s list are really your friends?  Twubble, which is hosted by @crazybob, will help you exclude the people that were recommended to you that you are not following.  So you do not have to follow strangers on Twitter.

This Twitter app is helpful to widen your Twitter bubble.  It looks at your follow list, matches you up with other Twitter users that you might be interested in following.  It is an interesting way to know who to follow on Twitter because it gives you the opportunity to choose those people.  How do they determine who to recommend?  I think it has something to do with your common friends.  It searches your friends’ graph, picks out person who you may want to follow.  So, gone were the days of having a long list of people you are following that do not even tweet you, with this tool, you get to choose who to follow based on your friends’ social graph.

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Earn Big Using the Shortcut with TweetoMatic Profiteer

is a software that combines the biggest online marketplace which is  Clickbank and Twitter.  Clickbank is an amazing marketplace of over 26,000 digital products being sold every day.  On the other hand, Twitter, with an impressive growth of visitors by 1,382% year over year has become the important component of affiliate marketing.

TweetoMatic Profiteer can automate the management process of a Twitter account.  It autofollows based on keywords and autofollows the followers of another Twitter user.  It schedules its tweets and can fire tweets instantly, and many more.  With this software, all you have to do is to promote the product by sending people to the product sales page through what’s called your “affiliate link.”  If somebody clicks on your link and ends up buying the product, you will get a commission for referring the sale.  It is fast and easy money, right?

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Best Twitter Apps to Create Group of Friend

If you have an existing Twitter account, you can use this in niche marketing or internet marketing.  There are various Twitter apps that will help you find targeted groups.  If you are building a brand or making a name for yourself, you better try these applications below.  I am sure it will help you build communities fast.

These are the most popular Twitter apps to build groups in Twitter:

() FREE or Premium Service of $4.99/month

It allows you to set up a private group and send tweets only to the designated group members.  You must create a separate Twitter account to represent your group.

It is a simple tool designed to help you filter the daily influx of tweets.  It will choose relevant tweets for you.  It will enable you to share your group with others and invite your friends and family to be an active part of each group you create.

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Best Twitter Applications for Small Businesses

Twitter is a social media that allows instant messaging of up to 140 characters in length. This is for free.  You can post your updates or your tweets at any time of the day, and other people who follow you will be able to read your tweets.  At the same time, you will be able to read other people’s tweets if you are following them.  Twitter is not only applicable for personal use. There are several Twitter tools for business and marketing.

Twitter is a useful tool for businesses because it allows you to connect with hundreds or thousands of people.  It will also inform you what other people are saying about your services or your products.  It is the best way to build a brand and help spread brand awareness to the entire market.  will be your best partner especially if you are just starting out your business.

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Convenient Twitter Usage: How To Automatically Tweet Your Tumbler Posts

Are you regularly updating your Tumblr? Do you want your Tumblr posts to be automatically tweeted? Well, I have one good option for you, so read on.

First, open your Tumblr account and proceed to the right side of your page. You will see the “Customize” option. You can also go directly to this page: http://www.tumblr.com/customize as long as you are logged in your Tumblr account.

Next, click “Services” in the menu on the top part of the page. It will show you a drop down of the services which you can choose for your account. It will give you the option to sync your Tumblr account with Twitter as well as the other social media site Facebook. You can also sync it with FeedBurner, RSS Feeds and other sites.

After that, a new page will ask you to “Sign in with Twitter” using your Twitter account details. Once you’ve inputted your details, you can now click “Allow.” This will allow Tumblr to connect to your Twitter account automatically every time you post something on your Tumblr account.

Once you’ve clicked the “Allow” button, the dropdown menu will show your Twitter account listed in the dropdown menu. That means your twitter account is connected with your Tumblr account. The same webpage will show you the option to “Save and Close” the webpage.  Make sure to click “Save” or “Save and Close” to save the changes you just made in your Tumblr account.

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