Expanding Your Twitter Friends Using Twubble

Your Twitter account is overpopulated and it is really difficult and time consuming to take care of a long list of friends.  But are those people in your friend’s list are really your friends?  Twubble, which is hosted by @crazybob, will help you exclude the people that were recommended to you that you are not following.  So you do not have to follow strangers on Twitter.

This Twitter app is helpful to widen your Twitter bubble.  It looks at your follow list, matches you up with other Twitter users that you might be interested in following.  It is an interesting way to know who to follow on Twitter because it gives you the opportunity to choose those people.  How do they determine who to recommend?  I think it has something to do with your common friends.  It searches your friends’ graph, picks out person who you may want to follow.  So, gone were the days of having a long list of people you are following that do not even tweet you, with this tool, you get to choose who to follow based on your friends’ social graph.

If you are lazy enough to manually find people who to follow, then this great Twitter tool will be the answer.  It will help you intelligently decide to follow someone interesting and someone who will say things that are relevant to you.  It will give you the idea on who makes the most friends to follow.  It will recommend people who you might want to be friends with.

If you are writing article or you are promoting something and you are targeting a specific market or a specific number of individuals, then this Twitter application is highly recommended.  It is important that you should know and decide how to use Twitter, may it be for personal or business use.  Knowing who are you listening to is important, as well as who are listening to you.  Twitter is a very useful tool, especially in marketing because it allows you to promote your product to your target market or to your interested readers.

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