Convenient Twitter Usage: How To Automatically Tweet Your Tumbler Posts

Are you regularly updating your Tumblr? Do you want your Tumblr posts to be automatically tweeted? Well, I have one good option for you, so read on.

First, open your Tumblr account and proceed to the right side of your page. You will see the “Customize” option. You can also go directly to this page: as long as you are logged in your Tumblr account.

Next, click “Services” in the menu on the top part of the page. It will show you a drop down of the services which you can choose for your account. It will give you the option to sync your Tumblr account with Twitter as well as the other social media site Facebook. You can also sync it with FeedBurner, RSS Feeds and other sites.

After that, a new page will ask you to “Sign in with Twitter” using your Twitter account details. Once you’ve inputted your details, you can now click “Allow.” This will allow Tumblr to connect to your Twitter account automatically every time you post something on your Tumblr account.

Once you’ve clicked the “Allow” button, the dropdown menu will show your Twitter account listed in the dropdown menu. That means your twitter account is connected with your Tumblr account. The same webpage will show you the option to “Save and Close” the webpage.  Make sure to click “Save” or “Save and Close” to save the changes you just made in your Tumblr account.

And since you’ve been using your Twitter and Tumblr accounts before, you may have old posts that you want to post in your Twitter account now. You can do that. In case you also have new posts that you don’t want to be posted on your Twitter account, you can also control your Twitter posts. Uncheck the “Send to Twitter” box to temporarily disable the automatic posting on Twitter.

In case you forgot to toggle your posts and you don’t want it on your Twitter account, you can manually delete the post in your Twitter account. Easy and convenient, right? So go on, sync your Tumblr account with your Twitter account and see your Tumblr posts twitted on your account.

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