Best Twitter Apps to Create Group of Friend

If you have an existing Twitter account, you can use this in niche marketing or internet marketing.  There are various Twitter apps that will help you find targeted groups.  If you are building a brand or making a name for yourself, you better try these applications below.  I am sure it will help you build communities fast.

These are the most popular Twitter apps to build groups in Twitter:

() FREE or Premium Service of $4.99/month

It allows you to set up a private group and send tweets only to the designated group members.  You must create a separate Twitter account to represent your group.

It is a simple tool designed to help you filter the daily influx of tweets.  It will choose relevant tweets for you.  It will enable you to share your group with others and invite your friends and family to be an active part of each group you create.

This Twitter app lets a Twitter user, like you, save some time and energy when communicating with your group of Twitter friends.  It allows you to send a message to all your friends at once.  You just have to log in using your Twitter account and put your friends in appropriate groups.

This Tweeter app will allow you to set up new groups or join existing groups. Groups can either be public or private.  It is so easy to use. Just log in with your username and password then start a conversation by making a post to the public timeline.  You can also join any of the existing private groups.

It brings together features like Twitter GroupsTwitter InvitationsTwitter IM and Twitter Search in one application.

Twitter Groups – allows you to create groups of people following you on Twitter

Twitter Invitations – allows you to send invitations to a group of people

Twitter IM – allows you to chat with your Twitter friends from TwitMesh

Twitter Search – allows you to check out what topics people are talking about

Focusing on groups is really the key for marketers fighting for a market share.  This will enable an internet marketer or someone involved in the niche marketing business to interact with its customers, ask their opinions and plan marketing strategies.  This will surely provide them with rich feedbacks and the opportunity to apply the best marketing techniques.  Having the right Twitter apps to create groups on Twitter will surely be a big advantage on plotting the marketplace.

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