Best Twitter Applications for Small Businesses

Twitter is a social media that allows instant messaging of up to 140 characters in length. This is for free.  You can post your updates or your tweets at any time of the day, and other people who follow you will be able to read your tweets.  At the same time, you will be able to read other people’s tweets if you are following them.  Twitter is not only applicable for personal use. There are several Twitter tools for business and marketing.

Twitter is a useful tool for businesses because it allows you to connect with hundreds or thousands of people.  It will also inform you what other people are saying about your services or your products.  It is the best way to build a brand and help spread brand awareness to the entire market.  will be your best partner especially if you are just starting out your business.

Here are various Twitter apps that you can use in business:


This Twitter app seaches for tweets that gives information about discounts matching your specific needs.


This app will allow you to know and engage in Twitter conversations about topics, brands or products you are personally interested in.


This Twitter app will allow you to send links of your products to Twitter users in bulk. This will send traffic to your website.


It is an application that will allow you to post concerns, problems, questions and have them answered by a support team.  It will also display a list of tweets where your products or services were mentioned.


It will help you make invitations for events and promotions and find Tweetups in your area.


It helps you schedule your tweets for posting at any time of the day.  It will also allow you to send the same tweet again.  All your scheduled tweets will be displayed and viewable in a calendar.


An app specifically designed for bakers. It will let them tweet anything hot and fresh that just came out of the oven.


Made to eavesdrop on investors and traders and join the conversation in the business world.


It connects advertisers and Twitter users around the world.


It enables Twitter users to earn money through Twitter.  It will also allow the advertisers to pay Twitter users to do word-of-mouth marketing.

There are various Twitter apps that are useful for you.  But a neophyte in business, just like you, would want to use those I have mentioned above as a start.  You will need something that will help you build a reputation in the community.  Let people know that you exist.

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