Expanding Your Twitter Friends Using Twubble

Your Twitter account is overpopulated and it is really difficult and time consuming to take care of a long list of friends.  But are those people in your friend’s list are really your friends?  Twubble, which is hosted by @crazybob, will help you exclude the people that were recommended to you that you are not following.  So you do not […]

Earn Big Using the Shortcut with TweetoMatic Profiteer

is a software that combines the biggest online marketplace which is  Clickbank and Twitter.  Clickbank is an amazing marketplace of over 26,000 digital products being sold every day.  On the other hand, Twitter, with an impressive growth of visitors by 1,382% year over year has become the important component of affiliate marketing. TweetoMatic Profiteer can automate the management process of a Twitter account.  It autofollows based on keywords […]

Convenient Twitter Usage: How To Automatically Tweet Your Tumbler Posts

Are you regularly updating your Tumblr? Do you want your Tumblr posts to be automatically tweeted? Well, I have one good option for you, so read on. First, open your Tumblr account and proceed to the right side of your page. You will see the “Customize” option. You can also go directly to this page: […]